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Tiled Roofing

Brown Roofing has expertise in all types and method of roof tiling. Tiling is more than just laying tiles, it`s about bringing the design to life. If your roof is poorly finished, then your building suffers, regardless of how much effort you have put into its design.

The roof is an essential element of the design and you need a roofing contractor that cares about the finish. Speak to us and allow us to demonstrate how we can ensure your roof is safe in our hands.

With so many different types of tiles available, nearly every region in the UK had its own style and planning requirements. In East Anglia clay Pantiles and peg tiles are the most popular. At Brown Roofing, we still relay these original clay roof tiles today. Modern clay versions are now readily available in handmade, hand-crafted and machine-made options.

Concrete roof tiles are also available in different shapes and colours, providing functional, aesthetic, high-performing roof coverings. With so many options available, Brown Roofing works with every major manufacturer and can advise on the perfect look to fit every customer’s taste, design requirements and budget.

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